In 1997, Qatar Development Bank (QDB) was first established as Qatar Industrial Development Bank in a fundamental step to expanding Qatar’s indigenous industrial infrastructure. The aim of the newly-created 100% government-owned developmental organization was to develop investments within local industries, thereby accelerating growth and economic diversification of the private sector in Qatar. Since then, its portfolio has greatly expanded—today, QDB is a centerpiece to achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030. To promote the private sector, QDB locally extends wide-ranging financial and non-financial support to entrepreneurs across a myriad of industries—the development organization runs a series of initiatives that promote the entrepreneurial spirit in the citizenry to create private startups on an ongoing basis In the days to come, embracing its national responsibility, QDB will continue to empower the nation’s citizens to tap into the latest wave of economic globalization and evolve Qatar’s economy as outlined in National Development Strategy (NDS) 2017-
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